About CJW

Connecticut Junior Women’s Club, Inc.
Mission Statement

Connecticut Junior Women, Inc. is a volunteer organization of women with diverse talents who donate their time, financial and moral support for the betterment of their local, state, national, and global communities while providing opportunities for personal growth and leadership.Connecticut Junior Women, Inc. (CJW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to community service and to promoting common interests in education, philanthropy, public health, civic and fine arts. Founded in 1938, CJW, Inc. was originally part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs until November 1979 when the Connecticut organization became independent.

CJW, Inc. is composed of about 1,500 women from all walks of life who live in 60 different Connecticut communities. Currently, there are 52 Junior Clubs and 13 Juniorette Clubs. Any person, 18 years of age or older who is interested in the common goals may apply for membership in a Junior Club. There are also chapters called Juniorettes, civic organizations for youth. Several Junior Clubs sponsor Juniorette Clubs for young women ages 9-18 years.

From town to town Juniors are joined by common traits and donate their time to the betterment of their communities and the making of new friendships. It is through our volunteer projects – from the development of a library story time to the organization of a dinner dance as a fundraiser – that friendships are made, skills are sharpened and new proficiencies are gained while personal growth is explored. Junior projects combine enjoyment and personal achievement with service to their local communities.

Connecticut Junior Women is also the governing Board that unites the local community chapters across the state. The CJW Director and the Executive Board sponsor statewide projects and programs and also provide resources, training and direction for the local chapters. Both the local clubs and state board are comprised of a director/president, officers and board members. The individual clubs are organized into six (6) Districts that provide them with a smaller group of contacts for networking with regard to meetings, programs, projects and idea sharing. Connecticut Junior Women is designed to encompass as many interests as possible. The department structure provides room for a wide range of projects from art auctions to visiting shut-ins to mentoring youth. The departments available to all clubs are:
Arts: Performing, creative and visual
Conservation: Beautification, environmental action and resource preservation
Current Affairs: Local, national and international
Education: School priorities, scholarships and community education
Health: Physical, mental health and substance abuse
Home Life: Community living, youth and gerontology
Leadership: Organizational and personal leadership
Membership: Recruitment, retention & unity and maintaining a CJW connection
Public Relations: Website and Press Releases
State Project: Manes & Motions Therapeutic Riding CenterĀ www.hfsc.org/manes-motions
During its rich 30-year history, Connecticut Junior Women have donated over $15,000,000 in financial and humanitarian aid. From the shore line to our northern border, from Tolland County to Fairfield County, Juniors are volunteers whose social activities and project work enriches their lives and the lives of many in the communities in which they live.